Rachel Campos-Duffy is a published author, communications consultant, and television personality specializing in political analysis, culture, and parenting.

She is a FOX News and FOX Business Contributor and a recurring guest host on hit shows, FOX & Friends and Outnumbered offering her unique view on political news, parenting, and everything in between. Rachel has also appeared as a frequent guest on NBC’s Today Show and ABC’s The View.

Her advocacy work has included serving as the national spokesperson for The LIBREInitiative, a non-profit group that advocates for the economic empowerment of Hispanics through limited government, entrepreneurship and self-reliance.

Rachel’s debut children’s book set to be released in Fall 2019 by Regnery Kids, is a story about a little girl’s adventure inside the U.S. Capitol inspired by real life eventswhere she learns about patriotism, courage, and her immigrant father’s journey to citizenship.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Arizona State University’s Honors Program and a Masters Degree in International Affairs from the University of California, San Diego.Rachel lives in Wisconsin with Sean and their eight (soon to be nine) awesome kids!