Transparency & Accessibility

Given the representation of the last several decades, it is important to Sean to be one of the most transparent and accessible members to ever represent Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District. This is why Sean regularly holds public town-hall style meetings in all 20 counties of the District. It’s why Sean’s on the last flight into Washington on weeks the House votes and on the first flight back home to Wisconsin. It’s why he spends every weekend at community parades, fairs, and dairy breakfasts. And, given the geographical challenges posed by representing one of the largest congressional districts east of the Mississippi River, it’s also why Sean started a mobile constituent office. This mobile office makes congressional services available to everyone, while also saving valuable taxpayer dollars by eliminating the need for a third or fourth full-time office. Sean will continue to hold a least one public town hall meeting in every county of the district, as long as he is privileged to be its representative in Congress.