Fixing the Economy

America’s small businesses have always been our nation’s true job creators. But the fiscal policies of the last several years, led by an Administration determined to raise taxes and punish successful businesses through oppressive regulations have created an environment inhospitable for job growth and economic prosperity. The proof of this Administration’s failures on the job front lies in the anemic job growth reported every month. This has been the slowest economic recovery since World War II. We cannot expect businesses to create jobs and stimulate the economy if they’re constantly facing bureaucratic red tape, expensive fees and non-competitive taxes that are higher than other industrialized nations. During this current Administration, the number of economically significant regulations, those costing more than $100 million a year, have gone up 52 percent. That’s unacceptable. Sean believes a pro-growth tax code that is fair and flatter for all Americans coupled with smart regulation, rather than over regulation is the key to economic prosperity. Sean’s economic philosophy is based on the principle that the individual is the engine of American prosperity. Small business and dedicated workers – not government agencies and bureaucrats – generate economic growth and wealth.