Addressing Our Nation’s Debt

With our debt quickly approaching $17 trillion, our nation is on an unsustainable path. Instead of making tough choices about spending and entitlement reform – mandatory spending that accounts for roughly 60 percent of yearly, dedicated spending – we borrow more than $1 trillion a year. This borrow and spend mentality is impractical, unacceptable, and without leadership to change course, a sure recipe to end up in the same financial dire straits as Greece and Spain. The House has already put our ideas on the table for balancing the budget and lowering our long-term debt. Yet facing this crisis, the current Administration has failed to release a proposal that brings the budget deficit into balance. To lower the debt, we need to decrease the size of government and cut spending across the board. Every agency in the government needs to do their share to help us out of this mess. We need a complete overhaul of the tax code so that it’s fairer, flatter, and simpler for everyone — no more loopholes that allow large corporations to pay nothing, and asks families and small businesses to pay too much. Coupled with significant spending cuts, we need to grow the economy to get more people back to work who in turn will pay more taxes to help lower the debt.


Our nation’s dependence on foreign oil and an aging infrastructure is almost as crippling to national security as are long-term debt obligations. The country needs to make responsible investments in our infrastructure and utilize an ‘all-of-the-above’ approach to energy policy that includes developing new alternative energy technologies while expanding our domestic oil and natural gas production. The House has passed a number of common-sense measures to expand the domestic production of energy in a safe way. Sean believes we should fast track the proposed Keystone Pipeline, which is estimated to create 20,000 manufacturing and construction jobs and 118,000 total jobs. It would transport more than 700,000 barrels of oil each day from Canada’s border to our refineries along the Gulf of Mexico. Additionally, he believes that we should work with state officials to reform the permitting process allowing the possibility of a new iron ore mine in Northern Wisconsin. According to economic reports, the mine will generate billions of dollars in economic activity over its lifetime and create thousands of well-paying jobs.

Fixing the Economy

America’s small businesses have always been our nation’s true job creators. But the fiscal policies of the last several years, led by an Administration determined to raise taxes and punish successful businesses through oppressive regulations have created an environment inhospitable for job growth and economic prosperity. The proof of this Administration’s failures on the job front lies in the anemic job growth reported every month. This has been the slowest economic recovery since World War II. We cannot expect businesses to create jobs and stimulate the economy if they’re constantly facing bureaucratic red tape, expensive fees and non-competitive taxes that are higher than other industrialized nations. During this current Administration, the number of economically significant regulations, those costing more than $100 million a year, have gone up 52 percent. That’s unacceptable. Sean believes a pro-growth tax code that is fair and flatter for all Americans coupled with smart regulation, rather than over regulation is the key to economic prosperity. Sean’s economic philosophy is based on the principle that the individual is the engine of American prosperity. Small business and dedicated workers – not government agencies and bureaucrats – generate economic growth and wealth.


Medicare is a promise that must be preserved and protected. But without action, Medicare will go bankrupt by 2020, according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office. This is unacceptable to Sean and why he proudly voted on legislation that preserves this solemn promise to our nation’s seniors. Under the House-passed proposal, those seniors who have spent a lifetime paying toward Medicare will get the benefits they were promised. The plan also strengthens the Medicare for generations to come. Sean also is emphatically opposed to the President’s plan to take more than $700 billion out of Medicare, as is called for in Obamacare, and put that money into other programs. Additionally, he opposes the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), also established in Obamacare, that reduces Medicare reimbursements for services. For current seniors, IPAB will reduce their access and quality of care.

Reforming Washington

Since Sean’s first day in office, he’s earned a reputation for being a reformer. Sean introduced the ban on wasteful earmarks. He led the effort to freeze congressional pay, cut congressional budgets by more than 10 percent and eliminate wasteful government spending. His legislation, the RESTRICT Act, led to a law that finally outlawed insider trading practices among government officials and employees. Sean’s been focused legislatively since day one on creating new jobs, growing the economy by eliminating onerous regulations on small businesses, protecting Medicare, and reducing the nation’s long-term debts and deficits.

Transparency & Accessibility

Given the representation of the last several decades, it is important to Sean to be one of the most transparent and accessible members to ever represent Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District. This is why Sean regularly holds public town-hall style meetings in all 20 counties of the District. It’s why Sean’s on the last flight into Washington on weeks the House votes and on the first flight back home to Wisconsin. It’s why he spends every weekend at community parades, fairs, and dairy breakfasts. And, given the geographical challenges posed by representing one of the largest congressional districts east of the Mississippi River, it’s also why Sean started a mobile constituent office. This mobile office makes congressional services available to everyone, while also saving valuable taxpayer dollars by eliminating the need for a third or fourth full-time office. Sean will continue to hold a least one public town hall meeting in every county of the district, as long as he is privileged to be its representative in Congress.

True Health Care Reform

When it comes to health care reform, Sean promised four years ago that he’d work to either “reform the reform” or “repeal and replace” Obamacare. When it became apparent that there was no appetite in Congress to ‘reform’ this misguided law, which raises more than $800 billion in taxes and fees on families and small businesses and causes health care premiums to skyrocket, Sean voted to repeal the bill. He has voted to repeal Obamacare dozens of times now, and he has also kept his promise to introduce his own proposal. Sean’s market-focused proposal retains the few good portions of Obamacare, but puts doctors and patients in charge of health decisions, rather than unelected government bureaucrats. His plan requires insurance companies to cover people with pre-existing conditions, gets rid of junk lawsuits, allows children to stay on their parents insurance longer, roots out waste, fraud and abuse in Medicare, and allows people to buy insurance across state lines. Most importantly, his plan’s singular focus is on lowering health care costs for everyone – not on protecting the special interests.


Pro-life: Every human life has value and potential. Sean will vigorously fight to defend the right to life of the unborn and our elderly, and he will actively support policies that offer women non-violent choices and opportunities when faced with a crisis pregnancy. As the father of seven, he understands firsthand the responsibilities and joys of parenthood and the gift that every child is to our world.

Pro-Second Amendment: Hunting and gun ownership is part of the Wisconsin way of life. Sean will always protect and defend our Constitutional right to bear arms. Sean has a 100 percent rating from the NRA.

Pro-Traditional Marriage: The definition of marriage is a union between one man and one woman. All Americans, regardless of sexual orientation, have a right to make legal contracts and arrangements with each other and deserve the respect and dignity afforded to all citizens.


The brave men and woman who heroically serve our nation must always feel like their fellow Americans support them 100 percent – whether it’s having the tools to stay safe in battle, or the resources they deserve here at home. Sean voted to give our troops long-overdue pay raises, to increase funding for mental and physical therapy services, and to make needed upgrades to equipment in the field. After everything our veterans have done to protect our freedoms, they should not have to struggle through government red tape before receiving care, continuing their education or adjusting to civilian life. Sean wholeheartedly supports the troops, and will continue to vote in best interests of our armed forces and their families.